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School Handbook

New Parents & Cipriani FAQs

Cipriani Elementary School works hard with parents to ensure the highest level of success for every child at Cipriani. Parents play a critical role in helping their students succeed—your support is the most important factor in your child’s ability to grow and learn—but Cipriani Elementary School can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you would like to discuss how you can best help your child.

Fast FAQs

Whether you are a returning family or new to our school, students and their families will find answers to many of the questions that are top of mind as the first day of school approaches.  You will also receive more information and be able to ask questions at Back to School Night.


What is Back to School Night?

Back to School Night is an opportunity for parents to meet their child(ren)’s teacher and find out about this year’s curriculum, classroom procedures, volunteer opportunities and more. Back to School Night is for parents only and will be held on August 30, 2018.  Check the Cipriani Elementary School website home page for details closer to those dates.

What do I need to do before school starts?  Are there forms to fill out?

Enrollment is run by the Belmont Redwood Shores School District (BRSSD), not Cipriani School. BRSSD will send an email with a link to the annual online registration form in early August.  If you have more than one child in the District, you will receive a separate email for each child. 

How do I find out who is in my child’s class?  Can I get in touch with other parents?

You will receive an email from the District with your child’s class/teacher assignment. 

You will be able to refer to the Cipriani Directory for a list of the students in each class.  Access to contact information for other Cipriani parents, Cipriani staff and PTA officers can also be found in the directory. All students are automatically enrolled in the Directory.  Only information approved by you will be shared in the Directory.  Use the same email address you listed on your registration to login.

For more information about the directory go to: Cipriani website—"PTA" tab—“Cipriani Directory”. 

Direct link to the directory:


How can I contact my child’s teacher?

Communication between parents and teachers is critical to student success.  Your child’s teacher will review the best times and methods to get in touch during Back to School Night.  In addition, all Cipriani teachers have an email address which may be found in the on the Cipriani Website under School Staff tab or in the Cipriani Directory


How can I contact someone at the District?

The Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Office is located at 2960 Hallmark Drive, Belmont, CA 94002.  The phone number is: 650-637-4800. 

For more information go to the District website:


What time does school start? End?

School starts at 8:25 am for 1st – 5th grade students. 

Transitional Kindergarten students start at 8:15 am and are dismissed at 12:15 pm daily.

Kindergarten students start at 8:15 am and are dismissed at 1:15 pm.

On regular school days, 1st thru 3rd graders are dismissed at 2:35 pm, 4th and 5th graders are dismissed at 3:00 pm.

On “Minimum Days” 1st thru 5th graders are dismissed at 12:20 pm and kindergarten students are dismissed at 12:10 pm.

For more information go to the Cipriani Website – Information tab – Select School Calendar & Bell Schedule


What is a minimum day?

Every Wednesday is a minimum day and children are dismissed early to allow for teachers to plan and collaborate.  There are other minimum days throughout the year for parent-teacher conferences. 

For more information go to: BRSSD 2018-2019 Calendar or Cipriani Home Page under Upcoming Dates. 


What is the safest route to walk to school?

Cipriani is committed to ensuring the safety of all its students and has developed a Safe Routes plan for the school.  All Families are asked to review the Safe Routes flyer and follow the guidelines for walking to school as well as for school drop-off and pick up.

For more information visit: Cipriani Home Page—Under Quick Links menu, bottom right—Safe Routes to School


Where does my child go on the first day? Should I accompany my child to the classroom?

1st through 5th graders may hang up their bags outside their classroom and wait for their teacher on the back playground.  Teachers will hold up signs just before the 8:25 am bell.  Your child’s teacher will provide further guidance.

Kindergarten parents please meet your teachers on the front Kindergarten playground. 

TK parents please go directly to room 7.


After the first day, how/where do I drop my child off?

Drop-off and pick up time can be very congested, so please allow ample time and be patient. Cipriani provides a Drop Off Lane in the morning starting at 8:10am – 8:25am. Please do not drop children off prior to 8:10am as there is no supervision.  Please follow the blue flow of traffic line on the Drop Off Procedures and Safe Routes to School map for drop off.  Buena Vista is VERY congested at drop off; this can be alleviated by following the blue flow of traffic line. 

If you are parking please be courteous and DO NOT block or park in neighborhood driveways, the white curb for drop off, or blocking crosswalks.  Also please DO NOT park on the Northeast side of Buena Vista at Cipriani (heading away from school up Buena Vista), this is a fire hazard and severely congests traffic flow.


Where do I pick my child after school?

1st through 3rd graders can be picked up outside the main office gate.  4th and 5th graders exit through the gate closest to the second story building. Please be sure to stand in front of or to the side of the school building to allow the multiple classes to exit the school gates.

Caregivers and families of Kindergarten and TK students will meet your children at their classrooms at dismissal.


What if my child is sick? Or late?  Or I need to pick him/her up early.

If your child is going to be absent or late, call the Cipriani’s Attendance line 650-620-2811. You may also email and your teacher to let them know.

If you need to pick up your child early, check in at the office.  The secretary will contact your child’s teacher and have your child report to the office.  


What if there is an emergency on campus (ex. fire, earthquake, etc)?

At Cipriani School, the safety of students is our primary objective. That is why we have a comprehensive Disaster Plan for responding to emergencies.  For more information go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Information tab—Emergency Procedures and the San Mateo Big Five community page.


What if my child forgets something (e.g. lunch, jacket, homework, etc.)

Bring the forgotten item to the office; do NOT go directly to the classroom. To minimize disruption to the classrooms, the office will contact the teacher to reunite the student with the forgotten item.


Is there afterschool care?  How does my child get from the classroom to the afterschool site?

The on-campus afterschool provider is Footsteps. Kindergartner and 1st graders are met by Footsteps program representatives at the classroom and escorted to Footsteps.  All other students will walk to Footsteps. 

For more information please visit the Cipriani Elementary School Home page – About Our School tab – Footsteps Child Care 


When are school vacations?

Please refer to the BRSSD 2018-2019 Calendar


What school supplies does my child need on the first day?  What about a backpack?

It is helpful for your child to have a backpack on the first day of school to bring their lunch and water in and take home any papers. 

For the 2018-2019 school year, Cipriani is trying something new. There are no supplies lists to shop for and bring in or EduKit to order.  Instead we are asking each family to contribute $50 per student to the Cipriani Supply Fund. This fund will allow each teacher to purchase classroom supplies they need to best support the programs and activities for their individual classroom. This a win-win as parents don’t have to run from store to store collecting various supplies or lug in bags of supplies on the first day and teachers get exactly what they want and need for their classrooms at a large discount starting day one of school. 

This contribution is completely voluntary and is fully tax deductible.

Contributions to the Supplies fund can be made at Cipriani Elementary Home Page – PTA tab, use form “Cipriani Supplies Fund” in the upper right corner under “Forms” section.  Or under the PTA tab, select the “Cipriani Store” and use the “PTA Donations Form”


Should I send my child a snack?

YES, each classroom has a snack break mid-morning and parents should send a healthy snack to help their child stay focused and able to learn. For more information about healthy snacks go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Information—Health & Wellness


What about lunch? Can my child microwave food? Can my child purchase a lunch?

Students do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave and staff and volunteers are unable to microwave food for students.

You can pre-order hot or cold lunches through the District provider, Lunchmasters.  More specific ordering information will be coming soon as we are in transition with this new school lunch provider.


Are there any food restrictions?

Cipriani is a NO FOOD birthday celebrations school. We love birthdays and celebrate each child with a pencil and card from the principal. Please help us by not bringing any food items to share with the class for your child’s birthday.

Although there are no specific restrictions, parents are encouraged to be aware of any food allergies in their child’s classroom. 

Parents of children with food allergies should complete District forms and inform the child’s teacher on the first day of school.

We also recommend following the Healthy Celebrations guidelines for special events. For more information go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Information tab—Health & Wellness


What if my child needs to take medicine at school?

If your child needs to take medication at school, you will need to complete the District’s Medical Authorization Form

For more information go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Information tab—Health & Wellness, at the bottom under “Medicine Needed In School”


Where can I find out about the curriculum?

Cipriani Elementary School follows California State and Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary District guidelines.

For more information go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Our School—Curriculum


How much homework will my child have?

Cipriani Elementary School has developed guidelines for a school wide homework policy in order to clarify general expectations for students, parents, and teachers. Each teacher will develop a classroom homework policy based on the following guidelines in the fall.

For more information go to the Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—Information—Homework


Are there field trips?

Yes, K – 5th grades take one or more field trips during the year that support concepts learned in the classroom.  Parents are welcome, and essential, to help chaperone and transport children.  Your child’s teacher will talk about specific field trips being planned during Back to School Night.

All field trip drivers/attendees must have District Volunteer clearance done prior to going on any school field trip. Please visit the District Volunteer webpage:


What resources are available for children with special needs?

Cipriani offers a number of specialists to help each student achieve to his or her highest potential.  Please speak with your child’s teacher or Mrs. Gaboury if you feel they need these services. 

Opening Doors is BRSSD’s Special Services PTA.  Opening Doors’ mission is to provide resources for parents, district educators and students who need extra support.  For more information please go to their webpage:


Can I volunteer in the classroom?  Or if I can’t volunteer during the day, are there other ways to contribute my time?

To volunteer in the classroom, contact your child’s room parent or teacher. Most in class volunteer sign ups will occur during Back to School Night.  All in class volunteers must have completed the District Volunteer Clearance Process.   

If volunteering during the school day isn’t possible, the PTA has many volunteer opportunities that fit any schedule. For details go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page – PTA tab – Get Involved.


Is there anything I need to do if I am visiting the campus to volunteer or participate in an event?

YES, all visitors and volunteers are required to check in at the front office prior to going to the classroom. On each visit please sign the visitor or volunteer log and obtain a pass or badge.


How can I contribute financially?  What is the difference between the PTA and School Force?

Cipriani PTA and School-Force work hand in hand to provide for the "whole child".  Contributions to the Cipriani PTA and to School Force are essential to make Cipriani the wonderful school that it is.  Both Cipriani PTA and School Force donations support programs and services that directly benefit your child(ren).

School-Force supports students across the District.  School-Force specifically at Cipriani funds our music teachers, our librarian, our science teacher, Art in Action, Innovation Grants for teachers and our reading specialists.

Cipriani PTA funds programs and events at Cipriani.  PTA funds assemblies, staff development, classroom technology, class materials, Common Core materials, classroom libraries, Art in Action and community events at Cipriani.

For more information go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—PTA tab or School-Force tab


How do I join the PTA?

You can join Cipriani’s PTA during the District’s Registration process in August or via the Cipriani Store after the 2nd week of school.  PTA Membership ($25 per family) allows you to vote on issues impacting our students, school and families.

For more information and to join go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—PTA tab—Cipriani Store


How do I know what’s going on at school?

Every Cipriani family should receive the Wildcat Weekly in their email, which communicates important news and events related to Cipriani School.  If you are not receiving the Weekly, please let Principal Pugliano know, and she can add your email address.

Another great way to get involved and keep up with what’s happening at Cipriani is to attend PTA General Association meetings. PTA meetings take place every month on the first Tuesday of the month in the Multi Use Room from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (free childcare provided).  General Association meetings are open to everyone and participation is encouraged.  Only PTA members may vote on any actionable items.


Can we get Cipriani t-shirts or sweatshirts?

Sure!  Wearing Wildcat Wear builds school spirit.  Spirit Wear sales including sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, tote bags and more are offered through the Cipriani Store.  Go to: Cipriani Elementary School Home Page—PTA tab—Cipriani Store


Parenting Support Resources & Information

Parents say that raising their children is the most rewarding aspect of their lives—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that parents always have all the answers.

Health - If you have health concerns about your children, the American Academy of Pediatrics' site provides excellent children's health information.

  • Media - Today's children have unprecedented access to information and experiences through computers, the internet, video games, TV, and cell phones. Common Sense Media gives parents critical information about digital media choices like the latest "must have" video games.
  • Safety - Keeping your children safe is a primary responsibility of all parents. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides resources for keeping kids safe.
  • Substance Abuse — Learn about the types of peer pressure students face, how to talk about the dangers of drug use and how to determine if your teen is using drugs at Parents. The Anti Drug

Opening Doors PTA

Opening Doors: a Belmont Redwood Shores Special Services PTA is a 501(c) not for profit parent and teacher association established in September 2007, formally known as BRS-SEPTA. Our mission is to provide resources for parents, district educators and children who need extra support, through an educational speaker series, program materials, and in advocating for a supportive environment at our schools.

Please visit our website for more information.