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Tia Cilia

Welcome to Room 2 Kindergarten-Mrs. Cilia's Class!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and your children. Kindergarten is a very exciting year!

Please click on our Shutterfly classroom website for more specific information.


Thank you,

Mrs. Cilia

Kindergarten Everyday

Enrichment Activities

 Enrichment Ideas

Read every day with your child-have your child practice read at their independent level, read to them at a slightly higher level, and read a chapter book to your child. Please review our site word readers too.


Keep a daily picture and word journal of summer activities-children should begin to do most of their writing on their own.


Play board games and cards with your child.-Top It, Addition/Subtraction Top It, Black Jack, The Allowance Game, Bananagrams, Blockus,  and Pop to Win for Kindergarten are all great games to start with. (Pop to Win and The Allownace Game are both available through Lakeshore Learning.)


Spend some time being a tourist in San Francisco and beyond. (museums, stair tours, walking tours, Ferries, cable cars, The Exploratorium, Randall Museum, MOMA,  Aquarium of the Bay, China Town-The Fortune Cookie Factory, Japan Town, North Beach, Koit Tower, Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, Point Reyes, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Begin these tours with a real map, an analog clock and have your child help navigate/schedule you through your visit. Have your child help with the travel budget and money management.


Cooking- start with planning a budget, choose a recipe, write a grocery list, go to the grocery store and have your child help with the money. Then go home and cook with your child.


Go on hikes with a real map and a few relevant nature guides. We have some amazing hikes within 5-60 minutes of Belmont.


Explore our coast – We have some really great places hiding to the north and south of us. (Harley Farms, Coastanoa, Elkus Ranch, Pidgeon Point Lighthouse, Ano Nuevo, Point Reyes, Bodega Bay)


Go camping.


Play outside.


Volunteer within our community-coastal clean ups, trail clean ups, shelters…


Go to the Belmont Library –find out what it has to offer and attend



Great Reading Resources for Parents

Recommended Resource Books for All Parents: "Overcoming Dyslexia" by Sally Shaywitz, M.D. ISBN# 0-375-40012-5 This book is an invaluable "go to" resource for all parents of pre-school, elementary, and middle school aged children in the learning stages of reading. The focus of the book is dyslexia and reading problems at any level. It provides excellent advice for all parents on how to support their children through the many stages of learning how to read. It is dense with resources and information so I'd recommend reading it consistently but in small doses. I read a chapter a day with a pen or highlighter in hand over the summer. The absolute "must read" parts of the book for parents of all young children are; Part 2- "Diagnosing Dyslexia" , Part 3 "Helping Your Child Become a Reader" and Part 4 "Overcoming Dyslexia: Turning Struggling Readers into Proficient Readers"
Current Assignments
Current Assignments