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Cipriani Elementary School works hard to surpass the academic guidelines established by the state of California by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum for our students. The Belmont-Redwood Shores School District core curriculum standards for each grade are listed to the left with active links to the Common Core State Standards that have been adopted for the upcoming school year. The California Department of Education website offers a wealth of information for parents, students, and staff. Please take a look at what is in store for your child this academic school year. 


We are transitioning to the California Science Standards at Cipriani in all grade levels. Here is a resource that provides more information about the shifts in science education taking place during this exciting time. 

Curriculum Update: Check out the latest classroom news!



The children have been busy in TK.  They made an oil pastel and watercolor painting of a Sunflower; they are on display at the back of the classroom.  Our Mammoth Sunflower Seeds are sprouting! The May Self-Portraits are on display in the classroom. They continue to write stories for and Writing Workshop and they are on display in the classroom.  The children are learning about the Letter Tt and the sounds it represents in words. The children continue to learn how to write letters, words, and sentences (step by step). Please look at the work in your child’s Yellow Homework Folder and review the work with your child.  Please review the letter Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, and Tt poems in your child’s My At Home Reading Workshop Binder. As a foundational skill for Reading and Writing Workshop, we continue reading fiction and non-fiction books about seasons, animals, insects, and trees.  The children are writing and reading a book about plants and seeds. The spring season is here and we are observing the changes around us. The children are becoming more confident about speaking in complete sentences, sharing their stories with the class during WWS, and answering the Question of the Day using a complete sentence.  In Math, we continue to count the days of the month, talk about the day of the week, the date, the concept of counting on, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and complete a daily pattern on the calendar and with math manipulatives. The children are practicing 1:1 correspondence while counting the number of math manipulatives in their patterns.  The children are now counting their math patterns up to the number of days we have been in school. They have become skilled at counting past 100!!! We are learning how to print numbers 0-12 and the corresponding number words. We are learning math language of How Many. We are currently learning many ways to make five by using manipulatives: two-sided beans, pattern blocks, geoboards, unifix cubes, and jewels.  The children are using the manipulatives to make math equations of the number four. Please look inside of your child’s Yellow Homework Folder and review the math work.



  • Collaborative Project in Math and STEAM-Our 3-D projects have provided us with an opportunity to collaborate and envision what structures could be made out of 3-D shapes (zoo, rocketship, chicken, aquarium, San Francisco, etc.). Students had to figure out how to work with each other to finish the project with compromise.
  • Writers Workshop- We will be making How-To books based on the experience of crafting the 3-D structures. 
  • Phonics- we learned about the letter J and the multiple sounds it makes. 
  • Science - Our chicks have hatched and the life cycle study has come full circle. We discussed what feelings come along with watching something come to life.


Reading: We are deep into a project-based learning experience on the topic of responding to literature and forming opinions about engaging children's literature. Our beautiful flowers on the wall have petals that demonstrate student reflections on the growth we have made in reading and writing. 


Writing: Our first graders have circled back to small moment stories and wrote incredible pieces of fiction that have wowed us! 


Math: We will be wrapping up the year by learning how to add two-digit numbers together, as well as review how to solve for unknown addends. We have focused on reviewing concepts learned throughout the year to prepare for the end of year test. 


2nd  GRADE


Reading and Writing and Science- This week we will celebrate all of the work we have done in nonfiction.  We have spent several weeks researching a specific insect, learning about its appearance and habits during all stages of its life, its habitat and diet, and all sorts of interesting facts.  We wrote a nonfiction book about our chosen insects, using our knowledge of nonfiction text features.  We will be delivering oral presentations to our classmates as well as sharing our books and projects with the school at the 2nd grade Insect Fair, Tuesday, May 22, Rooms 8, 9, and 10, 10:45-12:10.


Math-We are continuing to work on subtracting 3-digit numbers.  Our focus has been representing the problem and then solving it.  We have practiced solving problems that have zero in the ten’s or one’s place.  We have been using all our subtraction knowledge to understand and solve story problems involving 3-digit numbers.


Social Studies-  We have studied what makes someone a hero.  We have learned about the lives of George Washington Carver and Sally Ride.  Both of these individuals were trailblazers and made contributions to society.  In this unit, we will be investigating heroic leaders, heroes who inspire change, heroes in science, and heroic helpers.



We are so proud of how persistent and hardworking the students have been during the CAASPP testing! We have one more test next Tuesday. 


See you at Open House on Thursday, May 24 from 7 - 8 pm. The following day, May 25, is an early dismissal day (12:20). We worked hard this week to prepare and assemble our Animal Report posters for Open House!


In Reader's Workshop, we took a close look at Opal, the main character in our read-aloud book, Because of Winn-Dixie. We identified character traits and Habits of Mind that she shows in the novel, such as persistence, responsible risk-taking, and listening with understanding and empathy. Then, we searched for character traits and Habits of Mind in the characters in our own books. 


In our Writer's Workshop unit on writing persuasive speeches, we practiced talking to the audience through our writing. Some ways to do this are to name the audience, identify the audience's concerns, and predict questions that the audience might have. We continued brainstorming seed idea possibilities, including changes we want to see, people we want to acknowledge, and places we recommend. 


We took our Fact Fluency test on 8s and 9s multiplication facts. Next week's test will be on 6s - 10s. 


In math, we continued to add and subtract three digit numbers and drew pictures and diagrams to solve word problems. We also practiced subtracting across zeros.


During our Art in Action lesson, we created collages inspired by Braque's "Le Jour" still life painting. 


Please support our 3rd grade Girl Scout's "My New Red Shoes" Drive. Here is the Amazon link for easy purchasing.   http://a.co/3yJoEIG




Reading: Our reading is tied to writing as we use biographies to study text features that reveal information. We have been sifting through important details and deciding what is important and worth including in a speech.


Writing: We have been using information from our history based read aloud to create a brochure that markets to people who are going to the gold fields to seek fortune. Our informational writing has been instrumental to writing our biography speeches about a famous person that will be coming alive at the wax museum. Fourth graders are learning how to filter important information to fit inside an "elevator speech" that gives listeners just enough information. 



Math: We have been learning about fractions and mixed numbers. We have been converting fractions to decimals to the hundredths place. Money has been a concrete example. 


History: The entrepreneurs of the gold rush have been so interesting to our fourth graders as they cannot believe the price gouging that went on in history. 


Science: We are learning about body systems and how they work together to make people healthy. They are making a life-size body picture that explains the parts with labels.





Testing This Week

  • We took our ELA and Math tests this week and students rocked it!
  • We talked about taking your time and doing your best and I was happy to see so many of them start their test this week calm, confident, and ready to show what they know!

Genius Hour/STEAM Fair

  • Students were hard at work on their STEAM Fair projects this week.
  • STEAM Fair projects must be completed at home this weekend and are due in class on Monday
  • The STEAM Fair will take place at the school on Tuesday, May 22 from 8:30-10: 30 am. Friends and family members are welcome to attend!


  • Students have been working on publishing their poetry this week and compiling their poetry books.
  • We started a math project this week that allowed students to use their knowledge about shapes and their properties to create a shape stack!
  • Students started to build their tower of books challenge and reflect on all of their reading this year.

This Week

  • Our fourth and fifth graders were clapped out of Flag Salute on Monday to get them excited about their first day of testing!
  • Ms. Duncan’s class had a terrific Art in Action lesson led by parent volunteers.
  • Ms. Miller’s class had Maker Space Friday afternoon.  Students worked on activities including building Scribble Bots, Marble Runs, Dash Robots, and Snap Circuits.


  • The ceremony will start at 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 13th.
  • Parents, family, and friends are more than welcome to join to celebrate our amazing fifth graders’ transition to middle school!
  • After the ceremony, there will be light snacks and beverages and students are welcome to leave with their family!


Important Dates Update: Please note the date for the SRI has changed to Wednesday 5/23


Please note some dates may be subject to change. We will do our best to notify you of changes.


Monday 5/21                                     Duncan: CAST (CA State Science Test) (8:30 – 10:30)

Miller: CAST (CA State Science Test) (10:45 – 12:15)                                         

Tuesday 5/22                                    STEAM Fair (8:30 – 10:30)

                                                                                Parents and Family Welcome!


Wednesday 5/23                                              SRI Reading Test

*Used for Ralston Advanced Placement


Thursday 5/24                                                   Open House (7:00 – 8:00 PM)


Friday 5/25 (Minimum Day)            5th Grade Cozy Day to celebrate the end of testing!!


Monday 5/28                                     Memorial Day - No School             


Friday 6/1                                            Raging Waters!


Wednesday 6/5                                    Cipriani Music Concert @ Sandpiper Elementary

                                                                                7:45 PM


Tuesday 6/12                                    Field Day! (Lower Field)


11:30 – 12:15      Kindergarten – 2nd grade

1:00 – 1:45           3rd & 4th grade

1:45 – 2:15           5th grade family and friends welcome!


Wednesday 6/13                             5th Grade Promotion (details TBA)

                                                                                Report Cards go home

English Language Development

English Language Development: Content Standards

The English–Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools (1998) and the Reading/Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools (1999), both adopted by the State Board of Education, define what all students in California, including students learning English as a second language, are expected to know and be able to do. The English-language development (ELD) standards are designed to supplement the English–language arts content standards to ensure that English language learners (EL) students  develop proficiency in both the English language and the concepts and skills contained in the English–language arts content standards.

The Common Core State Standards will work in concert with the EL standards to ensure a comprehensive instructional program for all students.

California ELD standards